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Why tcVision z/STREAM?

tcVision z/STREAM allows you to transfer data from the mainframe to other databases or storage systems running on UNIX, Linux and MS-Windows or Cloud and Hadoop architectures.

  • The majority of today’s transaction data still resides on mainframes.
  • The efficient transfer of mainframe data into the new IT world is crucial for the success and future potential of enterprises.
  • The topicality of information is mandatory for analysis and decision processes. It is the only way an enterprise can react quickly to changes in markets and to new trends.
  • There are many reasons to transfer data from the mainframe to other databases or storage systems running on UNIX, Linux and MS-Windows or Cloud and Hadoop architectures.
  • Conventional ETL processes cause high costs for extraction and transformation of data.
  • For one part they are caused by mainframe CPU load that is required by many ETL solutions for extraction and transformation of data.
  • These costs are also connected to system and database experts in the mainframe area. This expertise is becoming sparse and more expensive compared to other platforms.
  • Hadoop based BigData and analytics solutions are cheaper and more powerful.
  • tcVISION z/STREAM does not need to access the original data source in order to transfer mainframe data.
  • Backup and recovery files already existing in z/OS and z/VSE environments are read in binary format.
  • tcVISION z/STREAM therefore does not need to process definitions on the mainframe or any active connection to the mainframe.

z/STREAM Features

  • tcVISION z/STREAM is easily installed in no time.
  • No mainframe know how is needed.
  • No installation on the mainframe is needed.
  • It is an alternative to exchange data without mainframe change data capture.
  • tcVISION z/STREAM is efficient as it does not need to do any extract processing.
  • tcVISION z/STREAM is effective as no active production data is used.
  • Low impact: Already existing copies of production data on the mainframe are used for data exchange.
  • Cheap: Data is transferred and processed in compressed format.
  • Transparent: All data transfers are comprehensible.
  • Independent: No mainframe knowledge needed.

Supported Data Sources

  • Db2 z/OS imagecopy
  • Db2 z/OS archive log files
  • ADABAS unload files and PLOG files (z/OS and z/VSE)
  • CA-Datacom unload extract/backup and SPILL files (z/OS and z/VSE)
  • IMS unload and log files (z/OS)
  • SMF/DUMP files (currently only Db2 auditing data z/OS)
  • Sequential and VSAM files (z/OS and z/VSE)

Supported Targets

The following file formats and databases are supported:

  • CSV files on local disk or remote Hadoop HDFS
  • Db2/LUW & BLU
  • Informix
  • MongoDB
  • Oracle
  • Exadata
  • Netezza
  • MS-SQL Server
  • PostgreSQL
  • MySQL
  • MariaDB
  • Splice Machine
  • Exasol
  • Terracotta
  • JMS Queues
  • HDFS / HIVE / HBase
  • Teradata via OBDC

System Requirements

The current version supports the following systems in 32 and 64-bit:

  • Windows 7, 8, 8.1 and Windows 10
  • Windows Server 2008, 2012, 2014
  • Various Linux distributions
  • Oracle, UNIX, Solaris
  • Linux for System/z


  • Cost reduction and project autonomy since there are no mainframe skills required
  • Resource friendly: Already existing copies of mainframe data are used for the transfer so that the production system is not involved in the data transfer.
  • Cost reduction for data transfer: tcVISION z/STREAM reduces data transfer to a minimum. Data is sent in compressed format and de-compressed on the target system.
  • Upgrade to a highly performant real-time data integration solution is possible at any time: For “real-time” synchronisation and replication (also on record level), tcVISION z/STREAM can be upgraded to tcVISION z/Unlimited.
  • Great topicality: tcVISION z/STREAM can perform data transfer processes in parallel, so latencies between source and target are reduced to a minimum.
  • It supports real-time change data capture functionality for nearly all data sources on IBM mainframes and relational databases on open systems.
  • Furthermore tcVISION z/Unlimited contains a flexible solution for transformation and modification of data on record level.
  • tcVISION z/Unlimited provides a complete middle-ware infrastructure to exchange data between various systems.
  • Data can be exchanged in real-time, event-driven or at defined points in time. Data exchange with tcVISION z/Unlimited requires no additional middle-ware or message queues.
  • With tcVISION z/Unlimited real-time data exchange is possible in a bidirectional manner.
  • The usage of tcVISION z/Unlimited is ideal in heterogeneous system environments where “near real-time” data topicality must be guaranteed across system borders. This includes parallel operation on different platforms with overlapping transactional data sources, data and system migrations without a “big bang”, solutions for application modernisation and usage of new IT technologies.

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